Rita Marie Ackermann, my mother, passed away yesterday at 66 years old, a little after her birthday. I had this whole thing I was going write about her love of butterflies, how much of my creativity comes as much from her as my father (my favorite costume is a Greatest American Hero costume she made for me as a kid using iron-on fabric on a sweatsuit, even making the belt and cape…it’s about as accurate as homemade could get in the 1980s even if it doesn’t compare to some cosplays today) but I find that it’s difficult for me to write anything right now.

I’m not going away. BW Media Spotlight is my passion and The Clutter Reports is still a project I need. There will also be more videos coming. Right now, though, it’s just not in me and my dad needs me. However, I am taking a few days at least away from reviews, commentaries, and anti-clutter tips while we get everything settled. I ask for your patience if you’re interested in my productions. Things will resume as soon as things settle and I get used to my new world dynamic.

Troy Ackermann, aka Troy A. aka ShadowWing Tronix