Wikiconference NYC 2009

Wikiconference NYC 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At some point while I was still in mourning I needed to do something besides sit around, but I still wasn’t feeling creative or able to review stuff.. So I grabbed a folding table and started organizing a pile of papers, newsletters, and other stuff and put them away. When I was able to work on other projects again it got stalled because there were still other things I needed to do to help my dad plus I’m still looking for a job. Then my grandfather passed away and dad needed even more help. Been a tough year.

The only clutter cleaning I was able to do was to finish off most of that project. I still have one more group, stuff from conventioning, that I need to do once I’ve caught up with last year’s panels and other things I recorded. Since I can get PDF versions of the previous catalogs (I even have one or two), my plan is to only keep the two that are significant, the first time I went to that convention and the first ConnectiCon that I went to under a press badge. If something else happens that I want to remember at future cons I may save those as well but I’m trying to reduce my collections to things that have a personal significance or just look good in my collection (or in the case of media, things I want to watch/read/play/listen to again). I still need to balance my schedule to do everything I want and need to do. How do you guys balance your time?