This is a short follow-up to last week’s project. Remember last week how dusty my place was? This wasn’t even the worse area but it looks like the snow is starting in my room. Or at least it did. The dust levels were worse in other spots so the time came to fix this problem. And there was another benefit besides cleaning.


With all of the dust in the room it was slow going thanks to my sinuses. I was also able to organize the mess of my dresser so I can find things without going through a small pile.

All together now!

All together now!

This picture’s outdated as readers of the site know. I’ve picked up a few more Bumblebees. And they get dusty, as does the Bumblebee shelf, so I fixed that, too, and reorganized them to show them off better. Dusting, it turns out, can be part of organizing since you have to take things off to dust them, and thus you get to put them back in a way that makes them look or function better for your needs. Plus it’s healthier if you have allergy or breathing issues. So don’t forget to take the opportunity to dust while organizing or organize while dusting.

Hopefully next week I’ll be able to have a review. Schedule clutter is still an issue.