Free Comic Book Day is why I don’t have a Clutter Report article this week. I have stuff for next week hopefully.

BW Media Spotlight

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I love Free Comic Book Day. I really do. It’s a good way to check out comics you otherwise wouldn’t risk the money for. However, when scaplers grab as much free comics as they can sneak off with and comic stores aren’t prepared for even the new legit ones I miss out on comics I really wanted to check out. (I went over those on Thursday.) No Transformers. No Ty Lee. No Jurassic Strike Force. Instead I only picked up four comics: Doctor Who, Divergent, Secret Wars, Avengers, and mistakenly picked up a leftover Infinity preview, being too disappointed to really pay attention.

That would have been okay if the comics had been good. Through the power of reposting Twitter (under ) share in my misery.

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