I was hoping to have something this week, but with my mother’s funeral next week and a eulogy to finish the clutter organizing project is on hold. Not done. I still want this mess dealt with, but I need to get some stuff done on the other site, where I’m hoping to make a career out of, indirectly if not from the site and projects themselves. I can do some filler stuff there but this project requires me to pay more attention than I have been since at least the holidays, since my mother and grandfather passed in the two months following the holidays, and even some personal things have gone unattended.

The Clutter Reports will return by the end of the month but I have other things that take priority. Sorry if you happen to like my articles but there will be more soon. And with some of my mom’s stuff I have some extra topics to go over. Don’t give up on me yet, or on fixing your own clutter.