My love of reading is something my mother encouraged, and I’ve gained a lot of books, something I want to trim down because there’s more than I have time to read, which means it’s not only taking up a lot of space but there are books going unread, which is a crime unto itself. However, there’s a project I need to start undertaking this week which will increase my collection, but for a good reason.

mom's bookcase

These are some of my late mother’s books. And if you think that’s a lot of books, it should be noted that in the case proper are TWO rows of books, there’s another shelf hidden by other clutter, one she never got to finish before she died and I’ll point out another shelf of books on the top there. She used to trade with friends and cousins. Those are all hers. My dad doesn’t really read except for news on the internet.

I’m not interested in all of those books. I’m not even interested in most of them as far as I know. However, there are a few that she owns that I know I want to read either for being the rare time our interests crossed or because it’s something I’d like to review for the “Chapter By Chapter” series over on the other site where I review a book one chapter at a time.

So what to do with the other books? That’s the question my dad and I will have to work out. We’re going to send the call out to any family members who like to read to see if there’s something they want, maybe those friends and cousins she used to trade with, but I know we’re letting my aunt have a look because we know she also enjoys reading. The rest? I don’t know. If some old books are worth money I suppose we’d sell them. The rest would either go to a tag sale we’ll put on once we’ve gone through everything or donating to a library is an option. We’re not sure yet and there’s still so much stuff to go over, including other media. We buried my mother’s remains last week (she was cremated and the funeral director recommended waiting for the warmer season so people wouldn’t be distracted by the cold) but we’ll be settling her affairs for a very long time to come.