In case you thought I abandoned this project I haven’t. It’s just things have been difficult when it comes to my clutter cleaning project. We buried my mother’s ashes in May and both my grandparents this week. (In mom’s case we waited for warmer days so people wouldn’t want to get back to their cars quickly, at the suggest of the funeral director. My grandparents’ ashes were spread on their anniversary.) I’ve also been trying to get a handle on my financial problems, which I was hoping the live stream I advertised in my last update would help with. Thanks to many technical issues that didn’t happen, which means bad news for my debt. I’ve also had a video project I’ve been doing for my cousin, which is the only income I’ve had lately and it’s just enough to pay my car insurance. Looking for work hasn’t panned out, either.

But I still want to get back on the clutter cleaning bandwagon. This place is still a mess and I have enough stress as it is. With the funerals over I have some calm time before the conventions start so hopefully I’ll be able to get some stuff done before the next distraction. I hope my problems haven’t deterred any of you from your own pursuits. Actually, that’s a question I hope some of you will answer in the comments if you ARE on your own clutter maintenance projects: how do you keep working at it without putting the rest of life aside and how do you handle long breaks to keep from giving up?