Well, I was able to get some clutter clearing done just as I had hoped. A little TV tray and the pinball machine that was covered with stuff now isn’t. The tray is away until I need it again and the pinball machine can be played. (I’m hoping to do a review in the next week or so.) The computer desk is as clean as I can get it. Various convention programs and books are put away, unnecessary things were thrown out, and I have some room again. New projects are coming and hopefully will be completed. I really need to get back into doing stuff. I know this year has left me depressed and maybe even lethargic to a degree but I want and need to push myself into the various projects, including the clutter clearing ones, to push ahead with my goals and dreams. I think my mom would want that for me and it’s time to want it for myself.

I’ve never been a quitter before and I’m not starting now, but hard as it’s been lately I need to get myself into doing this stuff. Getting this mess organized or removed is why I started this website in the first place. Just one clutter-fighting project a week to slowly but surely get this studio and other rooms into something livable. While I’ve been helping my dad with his projects I’m hoping to find time to really press on with my own. I’m sorry if I haven’t been doing much this year but I hope you all understand why between two deaths in the family and illness, plus helping my dad with his projects. I’ll still be helping him as he redoes the house like they always wanted but in between the stuff I want to do for my future I still want to get what I need to do done, the reason some of you have been following the site (I thank you for that, by the way, and feel free to post some of your own thoughts in the comments–it’s why they’re there). The project continues.