mom's bookcase

This week’s intended project was to use a storage box left over from my mother’s old clothes, which my dad donated because none of us wear women’s clothing, both being dudes and all. It was better to give it to someone who did and needed something in the size my mother wore. I’ve had some Transformers on the floor since I never got a storage box for the some of the various lines I had picked up. While they are now unorganized, when I get into the Transformer organizing project that will change and I may have to redo my current storage system to accommodate a smaller collection. Which will probably go larger again if I get income. There’s a Masterpiece Bumblebee missing from my Bumblebee shelf because I have no money coming in.

However, a second project came up and lucky for me the first one was short. We finally went through all of the tapes my mother had, mostly home recordings of TV shows and luckily we came across something important–a recording of my parents’ 25th Wedding Anniversary which my aunt helped me put together. That’s a very important recording but she only wrote “25th Anniversary” and we were curious what that was. Thankfully we didn’t write it off as the anniversary of a show she liked or something. Mark your special event recordings properly, folks! There were also a handful of recordings I wanted to take a look at. There were also a small number of official release VHS and DVD tapes that we’re holding onto, at least for the time being.

So this week I got two clutter-clearing projects done in one day and even picked up an extra videotape storage box, plus one corner of the studio-in-progress a little cleaner. Not a bad day’s work for as behind as I’ve gotten in clutter maintenance lately.