Marvel V Capcom War Machine & Mega Man

It’s been too long since I’ve written a proper review for this site. And since my more needed clutter-cleaning project isn’t going to make for a good article, let’s do that.

Marvel Versus Capcom is a great fighting game series, featuring characters of Marvel Comics and the Capcom video game characters either teaming up or fighting each other depending on the players. The plot of the first game (at least under the MvC name, as smaller clashes had occurred previously), Clash Of Super Heroes, is that Professor Xavier needs the help of heroes from both realities to stop his overpowered, evil alter-ego, Onslaught. In the comics, Onslaught nearly killed a group of heroes that were saved only because Reed and Sue Richards’ son, Franklin, was able to transport them to a pocket dimension he created. Very long story, folks.

I’m not very good at the game (surprising nobody) but I do have a favorite team, born not out of gameplay mechanics but personal character preference, the team of Capcom’s Mega Man and Marvel’s War Machine. So when I saw a two-pack toy, released by Toy Biz as part of a brief line, featuring both characters I had to get it. So how do these figures hold up?

"Great, now I have to use the can."

“Great, now I have to use the can.”

I have the most to say about Mega Man so let’s start with War Machine. The mold comes from an Iron Man toyline based on the disappointing cartoon from the 1990s. (Season 1, anyway. Season 2 was amazing but the first season was so awful I’m betting not that many people saw it. This is the only War Machine action figure I have (I did manage to get a Heroclick version during one of the Free Comic Book Day offerings.) As you’ll see later he’s shorter than some Iron Man figures and taller than others, but bears little of their articulation, as it was for 90s figures. I’ve heard the head sculpt is the only real change. The plastic on the core armor is dark grey with a lighter grey for the faceplate, which makes it stand out. The extra armor is vacuum metalized, making it shiny and hasn’t taken much damage in the years since I’ve own the figure. The missile launchers are the same vac-metal while the missile are the regular grey.

These launchers, while good for the kiddies, is my big problem with the figure. In the firing position they look good and they fires the missiles really far. However, allowing them to slide into a resting position wasn’t worth the trouble since the launchers make the figure very back-heavy and the toy cannot stand with them in resting position even with the missiles out of it. The feet can’t balance the extra weight.

I needed the stand just hold him up.

I needed the stand just hold him up.

In addition to the missile launcher’s sliding point, War Machine’s head can turn, with some restriction from the collar but not enough to annoy considering this is a bulky armor, however his waist cannot. Arm articulation is limited to the shoulders moving up and down and a 90 degree elbow bend. The legs do bend so he can sit down (possibly in a vehicle from his host line), and that’s all the articulation. For a play toy he’s pretty good for the time but as a display piece he’s rather limited.

I love how happy his face looks.

I love how happy the expression on his face looks even though he’s about to fight other heroes.

This wouldn’t be a huge problem but Mega Man is (I’m assuming) an original creation for this line and can be both play and display, blowing his competitor (that’s how the two-packs were marketed) out of the oil. His body looks to be some kind of grey-tinted blue except for his “dark blue” areas. His helmet, hands, and feet are also vacuum-metalized, but blue…or at least that was the plan. On mine the right hand and the upper part of the left “boot” has turned more of a purple for some reason, but it’s only noticeable on the hand. Also maybe it’s more my preference than anything official, but the markings for Mega Man’s power indicator (or whatever that design is supposed–that’s what the cartoon used it for) is printed on the wrong side for the articulation.

"Sorry, Doctor Light. I'm sure that's repairable."

“Sorry, Doctor Light. I’m sure that’s repairable.”

Speaking of which, he has way more than his pack mate. The head still turns but somehow stops before it can look around. That’s understandable for a human but Mega Man’s a robot, and I’ve seen human action figures who can act out The Exorcist forever and the toy designers never seemed to care. This is an interesting addition to this figure. He has the same arm articulation as War Machine but with an extra point of articulation allowing his arms to extend out and turn his arms backwards if I want, which helps put the blaster arm where I want it, but it’s not made to bend that way, limiting Mega Man’s aim. Unlike his counterpart, Mega Man has waist articulation. The leg articulation is also the same but for some reason he’s molded in a stance that I can only assume is to account for his large feet but I don’t think they needed to go through the trouble. However, the Blue Bomber has one additional feature.

Just a happy little death machine.

Just a happy little death machine.

To mimic Mega Man’s “special move” which is an all-out weapon assault, Mega Man comes with some extra accessories. I’ve lost the head piece which didn’t stay on very well. The missile armor snaps around Mega’s body and is just there for show. And no, I don’t know what the wings are for. Maybe Dr. Light just wanted to add some extra look? In the game Mega Man does this on his own rather than summoning Rush to become battle armor as he has in his own game on occasion. The armor does limit his arm posing but he doesn’t use his arms during the attack anyway and he goes back to his normal size and body when the move is done. The legs extend in an attempt to mimic the larger size Mega Man becomes during the barrage but it wouldn’t work without the armor, he’d just look like a stretched out Mega Man.

The missile launcher is a different design. It’s spring-loaded but to fire it you pull back on the stem sticking out of the back of the Buster and let go. When it works that sucker can fly! It’s only by a fluke that it didn’t join the headpiece in the lost realm. However, it’s not easy to fire right and it took a few tries to get it to work. I do appreciate the idea and in theory it works…if you can get the right grip and pull on it.

I'm using an image from another site because as of this posting mine is lost along with Mega Man's headpiece.

I’m using an image from another site because as of this posting mine is lost along with Mega Man’s headpiece.

Additionally, the Toy Biz box sets came with a diorama display and stand, printed on cardboard, showing one of the battlegrounds from the game. The battlegrounds were areas in Marvel’s comics or Capcom’s games. This set came with the background used if you fight Mega Man and is based on his game series. You can see a number of Mega Man’s foes, including Doctor Wily. Why have a scene with Mega’s enemies instead of his allies is something only Capcom can explain. This is added to help display your figures in a cool versus battle scene…which just makes War Machine look worse in this set.

"My big brother can beat up your big brother!"

“My big brother can beat up your big brother!”

While better versions of both figures have been made (I’ve even reviewed a better Mega Man) I do rather like these two. What War Machine lacks in display he makes up for in…retro, I guess. However, I really like cute little the Mega Man figure and it doesn’t feel right separating the set even if I find a better War Machine. I’ll keep these two around for now.