I apologize for these pictures. The cheap-o camera with the flash finally bought it.


This week’s project is a short one. To clear one area for my clutter clearing work, sometimes I shove the stuff into another area away from where I’m working. Some of that stuff will go back, and some of it will go someplace else, either the trash or where it should have gone but for whatever reason didn’t.

I’ve been trying to reclaim my floor space before the next project that requires taking up floor space again, if only temporarily. Plus I like having freedom of movement and being able to get to areas I need to. And that was this week’s project.


The pile of tapes went on top of the video box my dad didn’t want anymore. That’s under the now cleared out area under my pinball machine. It’s still clutter, but it’s organized clutter, which is the first step. I have to make a serious project of going through those tapes, finding out what’s worth saving and which tapes should just be thrown away because they don’t work anymore. Some video games I thought I wouldn’t be able to play again but now can were stuffed in with the computer games until I have time to reorganize everything again, which I also need to do with my music CDs come to think of it. There’s the damaged mic I keep forgetting or not having time to send back (it should still be under warranty).

The comics I’m still going through but these are the ones I’m ready to part with. I’m just trying to figure out how, since they’re recent comics and the comic stores that buy comics are flooded with everything from the speculator debacle of the 1990s onward. (For the record, I collect comics to read them, not because they might be worth money someday, which they won’t be.) The graphic novels I’m still going through. At some point I need to do a huge readjustment of the comic collection as well. That will be a very long project but when done should finally have every comic in their proper spot in the longboxes and the extra areas I need to use because the comic collection is way too large. That’s the hardest clearing project I have because I’m overloaded with the things because I love comics so much and they take less time than novels (which I’m also still going through).

So this is just a quick update to show I’m still back in this one, and hopefully there won’t be any more delays in this project. There is still so much left to do.