logo for my comic strip, Jake & Leon

Odd to put this logo on THIS site. However, fighting off the remnants of a cold this week meant I didn’t do much this week. However, I’ve let this project (and as a result this site) slip by for too long this year so I thought I’d get some more virtual clutter done. That makes thisĀ another short report.

Jake & Leon is a webcomic I do on my other site. It’s a commentary/parody strip about our title characters hosting a skit show. Sometimes there are gags, sometimes the characters and their friends do the skits and sometimes I get to play with various art styles. I wanted to get the archives off of my hard drive. I had them on floppy disks but they can only hold so many and the file sizes got bigger when I switch from Paint Shop Photo Pro to Manga Studio. Therefore it was time to transfer them to CD, organized by year and letting the special strips go into their own section. And this is what I did yesterday. I didn’t claim as much space as I wanted…again…but at least I can find my old comics easier now. Unless my system doesn’t work, and since I used a CD-R instead of an RW there’s not much I can do about that.

It isn’t much but if it keeps me in a clutter-clearing mindset it’s still worth it.