It’s time again to set up that green thing, put a bunch of colored lights and little balls on it, and put toy robots around it. It’s become a tradition to take the Transformers I have on the TV (where I put the Nativity set) and put them into a festive event around the tree. This year I thought I’d explain my little story. Just ignore Death Star Darth Vader. I just didn’t have anywhere else to put him. I did get a bit more space this year since at least one clutter-clearing project worked to my advantage. The TV tray is finally free of clutter and while that may change I can use it as a more stable tree display spot. This makes me happy.


Traditionally I have kept the Decepticons out of the Christmas display because they’re evil and don’t celebrate Christmas. Then again, there is that famous tale during World War II where for one day a group of American and Nazi soldiers stopped fighting and celebrated Christmas together…before going back to killing each other, so that could have lasted longer. Still, for one brief moment there was no war, no enemy. That is the power of Christmas. So this year Brimstone and Hardtop are surprised to see Mini-Cons giving them Christmas presents. And if you know your Transformers lore that’s surprising.


This one works better when you know what goes on in my studio. The bright green Mini-Con is Backwind and during my cleaning operations he has been separated from his Autobot partner Searchlight. The Autobot’s been out of my normal Transformer display while Backwind has stood with the others. Well, daddy’s home from the war and it’s a happy reunion! I love those videos of kids seeing their daddies and mommies home from abroad, so I made my own version. I don’t think Breakdown and Animated Jazz mind their reading of Micky’s Christmas Carol being interrupted for that.


With Optimus and Hot Rod watching the festivities it’s a pretty good Christmas party for the mechanical aliens. Because everyone can celebrate Christmas! At least in my world.