switch box 1

I had a distracting week due to things that took priority, so I only had time for one quick project. Pardon how dark the picture are, as they are in a dark corner of the studio.

I have a switch box (I’m not sure what the official term is at the moment) that allows me to go between TV, VCR (where the Atari 800 is hooked up to), NES, and CD-I depending on what I want to watch or play. During anĀ earlier project I found the wires were so messed up (as TV wires tend to get) that I decided to move the thing to an easier to get to location, and then that got stalled. You can see it in the allegedly temporary spot so I could get to the back of the box and test things out. Then I didn’t have a chance to put it in a better spot. This week’s mini-project was to finally fix that.

switch box 2

And so we have it in its new home, easier to reach next to the NES in a large space (now that the Transformers pile in that area was cleaned up in an unreported project) rather than behind the CD-I in a smaller space. It’s even lying flat better, rather than looking to be pulled down by shorter cords at any moment and not sitting level. That was a nice bonus as I thought it was the weight of plugs making it lean like it was.

I may post more of these if this is all I have to report for the week. Not every clutter-clearing project has to be some massive undertaking. Some of the clutter piles started small and grew large so why not a small project that ends up doing a large bit of help? And with me, limiting frustration is a large bit of help. It’s also one less thing in my way as I try to use the power strip.