Another quick & easy, although if it hadn’t been such a lazy day weather-wise yesterday it would have been…about the same time and effort, but done sooner. This is another area that just got really messy during my medical mishaps. I had it partly done and ready to go, but after everything that happened it got messed up again. So a little organization was in order.

(And yes, that’s a urinal. This way I didn’t have to run downstairs every time I need to…you know. It’s kind of annoying at night, especially when moving fast, or up/down stair wasn’t what you’d call easy during my recovery. It’ll stay around so in the middle of the night I don’t have to wake my dad running up and down stairs all night. I only point it out because you may have questions. I have clutter, and we’re both working on that.)


Not a lot to do here. A small pile of stuff I planned to go over before I got sick was finally gone over, which is nice. Things are organized as they were intended. This didn’t really need a lot of work or sorting to get done, but the end result is a lot neater than it was, which just makes it look better. That’s the point of the quick projects. They don’t make for a full article, but sometimes the smaller projects reap a big reward, and they don’t take a lot of time and energy to do them.

The point is do something to get through your own clutter and it will be worth it. When you have more time and the weather or life events isn’t sapping you dry do the big ones. After I recover from the re-connection surgery I’ll have that huge comic organizing project to get back to, plus going through them and all my videos, games, books, Transformers, and music I have to make my collections more manageable and fun. I have a long road ahead but I’m winning a little at a time. Today the dresser, tomorrow the other areas that have built up a larger mess. Just do SOMETHING at least once a week to keep the clutter-clearing project on track. Now I can find things on my dresser again and it doesn’t look like crud. That’s a victory, folks.