Old picture. It’s what I had of the spot.

With my re-connection surgery looming I wanted to get a few more quick projects out of my hair. I’ve been told this is outpatient (although if I have to at least stay overnight I won’t be surprised) but I don’t know how long the recovery will be. I’m hopeful it will be shorter since I’m in better condition than I was the first time. But we aren’t here to discuss my colon, we’re talking clutter.

I had a few smaller projects I wanted to do and I had time to do more than one. I could have spent that on a larger project but I don’t want to get caught in something that will take more time than I have and really one project just kind of led to another. They’re five short project that I need to get done, but they’re also “re-visits” of previous projects that I either didn’t get a chance to finish, needed a slight “refresh”, or just needed to be done.

artdesk re1

First is the undershelf of my art desk. I thought I posted on this one, but I haven’t. I had stuff under there planning to organize it later. I just put it out of the way. So while I still have a large pile of Transformers comics to go through (once I’ve recovered I still have the next phase of the comic organizing project, because that’s still a huge mess), some of the other stuff I have in there are gone, or moved elsewhere. For now I have some art from my various comic, title card, and other projects sitting there until I have a better way to organize them (they’re too large for the binder sleeves I have at the moment).

art caddy re2

The art caddy I’ve organized on two separate occasions, but that was before I had the drawing board there. (I had to take off the plastic finally because it was starting to tear off, which I knew it would eventually. It gave the board a little more life I hope.) The problem is that I couldn’t reach some things without moving the caddy around more or reaching over the board, at least the bottom shelves of the caddy. So I moved them to where they’re easiest to get depending on the phase of the drawing I’m doing at the time. I won’t be surprised if I have to do that again.

pinball re3

Then there’s our old friend the pinball machine. That links shows it’s one of my “clutter magnets”, the places where clutter seems to build up, like my dresser and the computer desk. And I had some stuff on there, so the pattern was starting again. I stopped that one immediately.

couch re4

Another of those magnets is the couch piece. So I cleaned off a few stragglers and now I can use it again. YAY! I need to see if I can fit into those jeans. I borrowed them from my dad when my weight dropped so low I couldn’t wear my pants, which would have been cool but I was too thin for my own good. I’m right where I should be now and hope not to get any bigger or smaller. If they don’t fit I need to figure out what to do with them since they don’t fit my dad, either.

papers re5

Finally, I have more papers to go through. Site to check out from conventions, some important mail, that surgery pamphlet (which will be rather useless once the hopefully final surgery is done), and when that’s done I have a second pile of larger things like magazines and some other items I need to sort out. I just want to get this pile done before it gets any larger.

So whenever it is I come home it will be to a neater place that it was when I came home last time…all three times. Once I’m better I still have more to do, and there will always be those projects that come back to be done again. Clutter is a constant fight, but once the big projects are finally done I’m hoping that won’t be an issue anymore, just a fact of life. Time will tell, people.