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Short report this week. I had something important to do this week that took some time away and I’m still tired, although I’m starting to think it could be lack of motion. That or one of my medications is still making me sleepy or it’s the weather change since we’ve going through a transition between summer and autumn and that’s always a bit rock here in Connecticut. But I’ve decided that I’m going to force myself back into doing more than watching YouTube videos as I’m starting to think I’m not going to get caught up from all the time I’ve been losing due to hospital stays, doctor visits, and everything else. And that includes both the other site (my main focus) and this site. And the way I hope to jump-start the clutter organizing project is with the above list.

I started The Clutter Report (later adding an “s” to “Reports”, but not able to make the change in the URL, which is still “clutterreport”) to bank on the obsession (in a good way) I had with my other site, BW Media Spotlight (in case you want to check it out) to get me to get organized. Basically “I have an article to write, I must clean something!” was my thought. I also need to keep up my various projects just to reconnect myself to my life, which I’ve lost a lot of this year.

This list has clutter clearing projects or articles (or video in the case of the cell phone, my first smart phone because I had little choice–I’ll explain in the review) I want to do for the site. Not listed is the usual Christmas decorating, complete with around the tree display. I still need to figure out what I’m going to review this Christmas Eve on the video side. It includes the Rolodex project I failed to do last week and some computer projects. And no, I’m not reviewing the store but a toy that was exclusive to Wal-Mart that I planned to review in video form, but it’s one project too many at this time. I also want to make the organizing of my files an annual event.

Finally there’s the big project I planned to do in January of THIS year before the Diverticulitis, colon removal and re-connection, and hospitalizing blood clot kept me from doing…the comic organizing superproject. I’m hoping this is the last time I have to take all the comics I haven’t already officially pulled from the collection (and need to figure out how to get rid of…it’s all stuff the comic shops are overloaded with thanks to the collecting bubble of the 1990s when people thought any #1 would eventually buy them a mansion and one for their goldfish) and put them in a proper order for proper review. I’ll continue going through the comics as I have been and taking out what I’m no longer interested in reading. A future project will also involve making digital copies for my own use in case something happens to one I’ve already bought or been gifted, or just easier access for BW Media Spotlight reviews and articles.

This isn’t everything I need to do, but it’s what I have planned for now just to get me back on course. There will be more reviews and project reports after all this, but this is where I stand right now. I don’t know how long this will take, and other projects involve organizing the rest of the house with my dad, which may even delay some of the projects on the list, but the point is to get back to work on everything and getting my life back to what passes for normal. Between deaths and medical issues I’ve lost a lot of my focus lately, whether it’s stuff for the websites or just my life in general, and I need to reverse that like the surgeon did my colostomy and feel like myself again. Life clutter has been my latest enemy, but battling clutter is the whole point for this site, isn’t it?