Quick Project: Fitting Pants

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This one wasn’t on the list, but it’s like I’m a slave to it. I’ve been having trouble finding pants that fit. First I lose way too many pounds between the Diverticulitis and colon inflammation, and then I get back to close to my previous weight (I don’t want to be all the way back there and I’m already worried I’m getting too far over proper weight) and now pants still don’t fit. So I went through all of my pants and found what fits, what doesn’t, and what could fit again. The second is going out of my closet, but being unemployed means I can’t give up too many pants.

I need to do this with my jeans as well, but I went to a local event on Saturday which limited my time and next week I put up my Christmas decorations again. (And hopefully it won’t take until late Spring before I can take them down.) So that phase of the project is going to wait a couple of weeks unless I get some spare time to actually fix that.

Toy Review: Some Transforming Stealth Bomber Robot


plane 0

I tried to find any kind of information about this toy. As usual social media met with silence and I couldn’t figure out what to put into the search engine to get any answers. So what I know is very limited, and the sad part is I did once find the info I was looking for, but if I saved the links somewhere I can’t find it. This is disappointing from a review perspective because I feel like I’m not giving you the full information to do this right. Reviews are different from project reports in my mind, and I try to be thorough without being boring in those as well.

At any rate, this was part of a series of transforming robots with some retooling and better quality plastic to inch it out of the usual “knockoff” territory, what I usually refer to as a “transformoid” to give all transforming robots in the Transformers/GoBots group a blanket title. Although from what I can tell this comes from the Macross franchise, what we in the US would know as the first Robotech war. After Robotech ended Japan spun off more series in the Macross universe. I’ve seen two of them (Macross II and Macross Plus) and I don’t recognize this from either of them, but the design fits that aesthetic perfectly so it just feels like that’s where it came from. The line was sold in Walmart but I can’t find concrete proof that it was exclusive and I’ve long since gotten rid of the packaging so your guess is as good as mine. (Watch someone finally tell me the full story, making this article look even weaker.)

However, I still have a toy to review regardless of history, so let’s get to that.


Comic Report: My First Batman Comic

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After two attempts to record the phone review I realized…I’m kind of boring. I think it’s because technology doesn’t interest me enough to review it, just to use it. So I dip into my other site for a “Scanning My Collection” review of the first Batman comic I ever had. So if a reference seems odd, it’s probably BW-related.


Scanning My Collection logo

I’ve mentioned this comic in the past. I even did a mini-review thanks to the reprint as part of DC Retroactive. However, I feel the need to give it a proper full review just as I did the other comic I reviewed from the three-pack of comics that were my first comics. At some point I should also do the issue of Peter Parker: The Amazing Spider-Man for the sake of completeness, but I didn’t know what was going on back then, thus it didn’t serve as the doorway that the two DC comics (further aided by all the DC live-action shows and cartoons airing around that time) did. At least Justice League Of America explained the Shark’s origins. Peter Parker went on and on about Gwen Stacy and Professor Miles Warren and back then I had zero idea who they were, or the villain Carrion (granted neither did Spidey) or White Tiger and Darter, so I was too confused to get into it. Maybe reading the previous issue or issues of the arc would have helped but I don’t know. Today I know enough that I’ll never know for sure.

I keep hearing that Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns is the story that brought Batman out of the Adam West/Burt Ward series and into darker stories. This is incorrect. What it did is join Watchmen in the darkening of comics in general and DC specifically. Batman moving away from the West/Ward show (which mirrored the Silver Age comics of the time) happened during the Bronze Age of comics, which is where I first got into comics. The Bronze Age of comics (as opposed to the Bronze Age of history) had a good balance of darker and lighter tales, and this is when Batman became more serious, without getting into things like Professor Pyg turning kids into dolls or the Joker wearing his own face as a mask. (Seriously, what the hell, guys? Tell me Rebirth is undoing that bit of nightmare stupidity!)

In the story we’re looking at today, Batman moved out of the Batcave to get closer to Gotham after Dick left for college. He operates out of a penthouse apartment in his building at this point, with loyal Alfred still at his side. I’m not sure how this helped exactly but I need more issues from the period. It’s around this Age that the theme of Batman dealing with mentally unhinged criminals begins, although there are none of his regular rogues gallery in this issue. Mr. Freeze is teased for next issue but there’s no sign of anyone you expect here. These were days when Batman didn’t just battle supervillains but in this issue solved a serial killing of Gotham City’s homeless. I wish there were more Batman stories like this. Now it seems to be a huge war that sets Gotham ablaze, as if the Bat-Writers wants to ensure we don’t want to live in Gotham while in stories of this time crime was no worse than New York City, the biggest inspiration for Gotham City. It’s just sometimes the crooks wear costumes, life-saving suits, or acid-bleached skin with green hair.

My copy is missing the cover. It’s that heavily read.

Batman #307

DC Comics (January, 1979)

For the record, my copy was put out by Whitman.  THE JLA comic I mentioned also has the Whitman logo in place of the DC logo. I don’t know the history.

WRITER: Len Wein
ARTISTS: John Calnan & Dick Giordano
COLORST: Glynis Wein (Len’s wife at the time)
EDITOR: Julius Schwartz

For this review I’m using that reprint from DC Retroactive: Batman – The 70s I mentioned earlier because as the caption says the comic I own is heavily read and a bit damaged for it.


Quick Project: Read Those Papers

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papers re5

Between shopping and a Christening (no not mine, that was years ago) I didn’t have time to record the review. So I went with one of the easier projects and tackled that pile of papers I needed to go through. Some were stuff to read, some were flyers for online comics, and some were other things. While I still have a huge stack of business cards to go over the paper pile is gone and I am happy. I’m going to try for the phone next week, but that’s one thing off the list anyway.