This one wasn’t on the list, but it’s like I’m a slave to it. I’ve been having trouble finding pants that fit. First I lose way too many pounds between the Diverticulitis and colon inflammation, and then I get back to close to my previous weight (I don’t want to be all the way back there and I’m already worried I’m getting too far over proper weight) and now pants still don’t fit. So I went through all of my pants and found what fits, what doesn’t, and what could fit again. The second is going out of my closet, but being unemployed means I can’t give up too many pants.

I need to do this with my jeans as well, but I went to a local event on Saturday which limited my time and next week I put up my Christmas decorations again. (And hopefully it won’t take until late Spring before I can take them down.) So that phase of the project is going to wait a couple of weeks unless I get some spare time to actually fix that.