Even our little R2 unit is ready for the holidays.

Even our little R2 unit is ready for the holidays.

Long time readers may recall my usual Christmas tree. I got it from a customer at the store I worked at and it’s been good to me. This year as my dad was going through my late grandparents Christmas stuff he found another tree that he talked me into because the lights were already on it. As you all know I’ve had a hard year and while I still wanted to decorate I just wanted to relax this year and putting lights on even a small tree like this can be frustrating.

So I agreed to try this tree out. Unfortunately I had a bad day yesterday starting with my cereal getting soggy while trying to find something to watch during breakfast. While did it didn’t go downhill from there (I’ve been at the bottom of the hill enough this year) it did set the tone for the day outside of a friend visiting. It kind of continued to the tree. Not that it’s a bad tree though.


It’s actually a rather nice tree. However it is a bit bigger than my usual tree which means I couldn’t put my Transformers around it. Like I said I’m not into my usual decorating frenzy right now. I didn’t even put the decorations on the tree, although I did leave them out in case I decide to. The problem though was that my tree topper wouldn’t sit on top of the tree and two of the points broke off when I tossed it into my decorations box. Joy. I think I’ll stick with my usual tree. I can change the lights on this to the spare colored bulbs I have but I already have them on the string for my usual tree. Maybe I’m just used to it.


With one exception everything else is the same as usual. R2 has his Santa hat. The Nativity is on the TV.  The “Merry Christmas” banner is on the wall along with my locked stocking, and the Rankin Bass Santa, Rudolph, and other reindeer are on the shelf.


Slight problem though. Remember how the flying rig broke during my original review? Well, it’s continuing to break pieces off and it’s still a pain to connect them to the rig just so they can stand up. Frankly, I’m questioning the future of that rig and I don’t know how I’ll get the reindeer to stand up after that.


I did make one change to my display, and that’s on the computer desk. I took off all the stuff I had up there before and put some smaller Christmas decorations on it. Frankly, seeing it like this makes me think I do have too many things on there the rest of the time. I think I should rotate stuff around maybe every dusting cycle (with any luck that will give me an excuse to dust once a month but I doubt it) and keep things fresh. Although I am rather limited with what I can put up there thanks to being so close to the roof. We’ll see when Christmas is over and hopefully I won’t end up having to wait until Spring to take them down. I think I’ve been sick enough THIS year, don’t you?