Book Report> Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire

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I have that big comic organizing project (or the next phase anyway) to start, but I have some unfinished business to complete first.


Going through my comics is relatively easy. I read two a day from my oversized collection, and if I see one I never want to read again, it goes into a pile until I can figure out how to get rid of them. Most comic shops don’t need comics from the 1980s and 1990s. Especially the 1990s. I review them on my other site. Novels on the other hand take longer to go thought. I read a chapter a week and post a “chapter by chapter” review of that book. And this one would long since been done, but you all know how last year went.

Well this year I finally finished a book I started reading when Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit theaters and now it’s getting done as Star Wars: Rogue One is probably close to done with its theatrical release. So the question is whether or not this is the third book to potentially leave my library, joining Total Recall and The Black Stallion’s Ghost, or if it’s one I really want to read again. Well, you can read the reviews of each individual chapter and read along with my review, or you can just see the final review here. Your call.

Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire

Written by: Steve Perry

Published by: Bantam Books (paperback edition: April, 1997)


Cleaning And Undecorating

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I was hoping to have the Christmas decorations down by now, but I needed them for background for my video. Recording is done, but yesterday I had to do some regular house cleaning. TODAY I’m taking these things down. Last year they were up for around half of the year. This year I don’t want to wait that long, since I’m not in the hospital or recovering from various medical problems. Then I want to get into beginning the next phase of the big comic organizing project so that’ll be done. Not the whole project, but the next phase at least. And I still have that big list of smaller projects to tackle. The mission continues, but despite the hiatus last year I’m still better off than when I started a few years ago.

Delayed Project

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I was hoping to take down my Christmas decorations this week, but thanks to a surprise doctor visit (I didn’t know it was scheduled…no new problems as far as I know) other projects got delayed, including a video review for my other site that requires my Christmas decorations stay up until I can record. With no plans this week and the script done, all I have to worry about is filming. I don’t even need it for editing, but I’ll probably complete the video before taking it down. And then hopefully at least a small project before the next big project.


Namely the next stage of the comic organizing project. It’s not the final step; I still have a lot of comics to go through, but it is a big one.

Special Christmas Video Review: The Little Drummer Boy

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Christmas videos

Happy New Year, everybody! Let’s hope this year is better than the last one. In other words, no more surgeries and long hospital stays for myself and members of my family. Between my problems, my cousin damaging his skull (praise God he’s healed), and my Dad having work on his hand (plus an old co-worker who had a motorcycle accident and needed leg surgery and my neighbor who lost a foot), one of my best friends losing his mom to the same cancer that killed his dad years earlier, and one of my reviewer colleagues whose stepfather died in a car accident, this has been a horrible year even if you don’t follow politics and celebrities. I’m praying for a better 2017. I’m also hoping to get back to my clutter-clearing in force and working on other projects that I hope will lead to bettering my future.

I know I usually do this on Christmas, but I didn’t get THIS year’s Christmas video review done for my other site (and it’s still not done) as I was rushing to get a comic done for Christmas day (which was a day late). I’m rather annoyed by that, but it’s been that kind of year, folks. Still, today’s review from last year’s Christmas is something I actually own, and so it works for this site, while last year’s review was done of something I found online (and came from two years ago).

Rankin/Bass’s The Little Drummer Boy comes from a collection of videos released by Sony Wonder as part of their “Original Television Christmas Classics” box set, seen above on the left. My version looks like a little book, but more recent releases just uses the typical set containers. They’re all Rankin/Bass productions, and my version was packaged with a separate video containing the subject of my first BW Christmas Video Review, A Cricket On The Hearth. So let’s see how this movie holds up.