I noticed a few new subscribers after last week’s book report. Hi. If you came for the story reviews, check out my primary website, BW Media Spotlight. You can also see me review the next book one chapter at a time, as well as reviews of comics, movies, TV shows, video games, and music as I examine the art of storytelling. This site is about organizing my clutter, so if you’re here for that, I only had time for a quick project this week.

Back to the closet.

This week’s project was supposed to be finally getting to the next phase of my comic organizing project. However, I had a chance to see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (speaking of movie reviews AND more Star Wars) before it exited the theaters so I had to take it. And for that I needed pants. Warm pants because it’s still Winter in these here parts. So this week’s project was a continuation of the last closet-organizing project I did. It was time to not only test out my jeans but my long-sleeve shirt to see what fits and what doesn’t.

The jeans I lucked out on. Most of them still fit, and some of them hopefully will fit. Remember last year’s medical nightmare and all the weight I lost? Well, I wanted to gain some of it back because I was way underweight, and I did. But now I seem to be going over, closer to where I was before I lost 30+ pounds. That means edging back to 10+ over and I don’t want that. When it gets warmer I’m hoping to get back to walking, partly to get my strength, endurance and balance back to normal (although balance is still a lot better), as well as hopefully be strong enough to break out my bicycle and get some exercise. Back when I rode my bike almost all over town my lower legs were really big. I could probably kick harder than a donkey. Well, they’re somewhere closer to normal, which I don’t mind, but it shows how little bike time I’ve had lately. Anyway, I think after I get back to a proper weight (not under, not over) I think those other pants will fit me again.

The shirts I didn’t do as well with. The problem there wasn’t from my waist surprisingly but that they were just tight, mostly around the arms and shoulders. I don’t think I have that much arm fat to lose (it’s mostly my belly) so unless I go underweight again (and I pray that never happens again…that was scary) they’ll never fit again. So those are out of my closet and we’ll see where I donate them to. That means at some point I might need more long-sleeve shirts but since I’m in my house most of the time I really don’t need them at the moment.

I do need to go through my pajamas at some point but otherwise my closet should be just fine now. Like the pants I plan to wear each pair of jeans for a day or so and make sure they’re salvageable. Then they go into the wash and ready for reuse. Next week, though, I really want to get that comic project done. Hopefully that’s what I’ll be reporting on next week.