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Am I making my point?


My two big clutter projects are comics and Transformers. And that’s on top of other project, life, and various other issues. (No pun intended.) But my Transformers are at least organized. Comics are all over the place and rather a mess. I’m pretty sure this is the third attempt at organizing them and it STILL won’t be completed. I’ve been doing it in phases, trying to get some control while knowing this isn’t the end. It’s also a constantly running project, as readers of my other site, BW Media Spotlight, are well aware with my daily reviews of old comics as I decide whether or not to keep them. I have a pile of comics I’m ready to part with, but it’s a small pile. I’m also not even a quarter of the way through and there are comics I’ve reviewed before this project that I still need to re-read to decide if they should stay on top of the ones I haven’t reviewed as articles on my site. It’s daunting, especially considering I’m still four months+ out from a second major surgery and it took six to get over the first one plus a major infection. So don’t be surprised if this is far from done.

On my side is my stubborn streak and desire to get some control over my multiple collections that are so big I can’t enjoy them. So I finally get a week I can devote to this project and I’m going to use it. So what are we doing in this phase?

comic pile

This phase is dedicated to all of the loose comics, ones not in longboxes, organizer drawers, and I’m trying to decide where the magazine racks fit in. Should I count that as loose, or add them to this phase. The ultimate goal, possibly after I’ve hacked at least a good chunk of this proverbial tree (ironically enough MADE from trees) down is to get every last comic and graphic novel into an order I can follow, so if I want Justice League Of America #119 or volume two of Stargazer I can find it without going crazy(er). Before you can eliminate a mess (and let’s be honest, you will never full eliminate a mess, at least in someone’s decorating eye) you have to get it managed. And that’s what I’m doing. Managing.


And so our old friend the table is back. Taking all of the comics not currently in some kind of storage place I started organizing them alphabetically. (Well, by my collection. For example if comics take place in the same universe or are just in a different grouping, that supersedes the alphabet.) I had comics in numerous places, including a big bunch of graphic novels, with everything from trade collections to original novels. I collected them, organized the regular comics…and took a nap. Recovery sucks but what can you do? That means this is going to take more than one day, which means more articles. After a short energy burst I also put in the few graphic novels, originals and trade collections, into the mix.

I think this phase can be done in a week. Unlike the last mega-post where I did wrap-ups of the week I still have more time between BW and recovery than I did when I was working. So each day I’m going to knock a bit off of this phase and report on it. It may take the whole week, it may only take part of it, but you will get a report on it every day this week in addition to the regular BW work since I’ll just be doing a short article instead of my usual longform report. With any luck by this time next week I’ll be all done and ready to move to another project until I’m ready to commit to the next phase of the project, which I’m hoping is the final organization of everything but I don’t think it will be. I do have to think about the daily articles over at the other site, so I may put the un-reviewed comics where they’re easier to access, meaning the reviewed comics will be kept separately, which means another integration project in the future. Now that you know what I did today, I’ll tell you that I need to decide what I’m going to do with the magazine rack comics before organizing further to reviewed and not reviewed.

Collecting is fine and I’m certainly not giving it up when this is done, but as a friend of mine says in his commentaries on media and collectables, please, oh please collect responsibly. Then you won’t have huge projects like this one. See you tomorrow for a quick update.