Because I don't have enough pictures of these things apparently.

Because I don’t have enough pictures of these things apparently.

If one of the goals of this phase is to separate the comics I have and haven’t reviewed, then it looks like the ones I have on the magazine rack should be included. So that’s tomorrow’s plan (or today’s depending on when you read this), to bring these comics, numerous as they are, into the piles on the table. So how do I know which ones I’ve reviewed and haven’t?


Each reviewed comic gets a sticker added to the plastic bag the comic is in. (Putting it on the comic itself would mean not being able to remove it at a later date without ruining the comic.) I was using stars at one point but they don’t stay on very well. I’m just getting what I can find because there’s no further organizing than “I’ve reviewed it, find a sticker that’s a color I can see when the comic is in the bag”. Currently I have these sparkly smiley stickers although I picked up some plain ones before starting this project, knowing I’d probably run out before this phase is done. There are comics that predate this project that I didn’t sticker.

Since I can’t put them on the comic itself I also need to figure out what to do with the graphic novels that are too big for the longboxes. The easy solution is bookmarks. I somehow end up with a lot of cheap paper bookmarks from various events and I’ve been sticking them in the same way I do the novels. At some point I may stretch my limited art skills a tad and create unique bookmarks for the longer GNs and novels but this will do for this phase of the project.

Of course there are also comics that did get the review sticker that I might not want anymore. At some point I’ll go back through those and do more purging, possibly after I finish going over them the first time. The review order is really based on what works for articles: DC and DC TV tie-ins on Monday, the same for Marvel on Tuesday, Transformers on Thursday, and semi-random series choices. When a series ends I replace it with some other series, forming a review theme for that day, but that depends on what I have next. Since I have comics randomly scattered through various storage areas, forming holes not in my collection but in where they’re placed, grabbing everything not in the longboxes becomes important so I can find things. There’s a lot of work to go but that’s why this project is done in stages. See you tomorrow to see how far I got in this stage.