Because I don't have enough pictures of these things apparently.

Guarded by Zoids.

The first batch of magazine rack comics were put into the piles on the tables yesterday. Today I plan to grab the other set. After that I re-alphabetize them and take out the non reviewed comics. Maybe. I may come up with something else, perhaps along the same lines as the paper markers that I use in the longbox. Plus the reviewed comics are stickered like I noted yesterday.

At the same time I’m still doing comic reviews over at BW Media Spotlight and today I decided to pull a five-issue series out of the collection that doesn’t invoke the show it’s supposed to tie into, plus it wasn’t all that interesting. So the culling is still going on. So what new collection report can I make here? I found some comics I thought were someplace else. This just makes me wish I had been able to do this last year as I planned.

When I finished reviewing Star Wars comics over at BW I was going to move on to Star Trek. However when I went looking I didn’t see the earlier comics, just some later ones. I mistakenly assumed the other comics were elsewhere. However I found they were actually out of order. And not just them. Somehow some of the “D” titles (alphabet, not ranking…yet) were mixed in with the “S” titles and the “S” titles were out of order. I’m pretty sure some of them ARE in one of the buried boxes, another testament to how disorganized I’ve gotten. I think there were comics I either used in a different article or had already considered taking out of rotation but now want to write a review since I’m going through old comics…it’s some combination of that. The result is things are kind of mixed up.

And that’s not counting the “holes” that are really comics in a different spot from the other ones. I’m going to have to address this as well. Whether or not I’ll succeed at that during this project I really couldn’t say. Once all of the loose comics are on the table and off the magazine racks (where there are magazines and some British Doctor Who Magazine trade collections of their short comics that are too large for my longboxes, so it won’t be empty (there are so many comics in the individual trades with ancillary info about them I’ll have to do them as part of BW’s “Scanning My Collection” articles, which on occasion end up as filler posts here at The Clutter Reports) but I don’t have a place to stand my Zoids while they’re gone. And once I figure out what I’m doing and how it relates to my daily comic reviews (one of the series is on the magazine racks so I need to get them back in place soon) I can put things where they will now belong.

So the project continues. Tomorrow more comics hit the table and then we organize further. But this will finally get done…or at least this part. After a break to catch up with other projects and reviews I’ll do the next integration phase. Meanwhile I’ll still be looking into what I want to keep and what I don’t. See you tomorrow for the next update.