I got further today than I was expecting. I was able to get more alphabetizing done today and I started to put the comics back on the racks in their configuration. This time they’ll be in the proper order and I’m adding the graphic novels into the mix. When I redo the longboxes they’ll go in their proper place. That project however is a long time coming.

For example, I had to stop before I got to my larger “universal groups”. Sonic, Star Trek, and Star Wars have to be properly organized because in this case the alphabet doesn’t apply and without the time to read through them all there’s going to be some guesswork here. However, it’s very important to keep the reading enjoyment going.

For example, the Star Trek comics. They all exist in the same universal grouping. Another example are the Marvel comics. You don’t put Iron Man and Spider-Man alphabetically but chronologically. This helps follow a proper timeline as you follow through this shared universe, which often has guest appearances and crossovers and mega-events that change the status quo until the next mega-event, which comes right after the last one. Sorry, I channeled the other site for a moment there. Where were we?

For the Star Trek comics you have the classic series, The Next Generation, Voyager, Deep Space Nine, and a bunch of one-shots, graphic novels, and series created just for a particular publisher. When Marvel had the license for the second time they created an imprint (a smaller subset of comics with a different style from the regular titles) called Paramount Comics. This included a few original series that expanded the Star Trek Universe, like a series about Christopher Pike, the captain from the failed pilot that became the two-part episode “The Menagerie”, or Starfleet Academy, which stared a character from DS9 attending the titular academy. They even had a cross-over event called “The Telepathy War”. So organizing these comics by alphabet alone would put the chapters of the event in the wrong order and split them so far apart that it would ruin the reading order. I can’t just group those together because events going on in the comics at the time spill over to the event and vice versa. Thus the universal groupings.

And because the “S” titles especially were such a mess I needed to first organize those letters, combine the universal groups, and now I need to organize those, which is what I hope to accomplish today. And I have to tell you, the enormity of this project more than the rest of the other clutter-clearing projects at times weighs heavy, and I’ll have to do it again with the Transformers. (There will be many Transformers reviews on this site at that time.) That tells you how long this mess has been allowed to build and how bad it’s been. But it also tells you how rewarding it is and will be when these things are completed. I’m hoping it will give the mental strength (if I’m not too worn out, which is why I’m doing this in phases instead of the entire collection–do a huge chunk, work on other things, and prepare myself for the next phase) to push on through smaller projects. If I can get the comics better organized, what else can I do with this mess? We push on to tomorrow.