Because I don't have enough pictures of these things apparently.

Sick of seeing this yet?

Well, I did it. Part of it. The part I wanted to this week. This project was about organizing the loose comics so I could find what I want out of that group, and I did it. I wish that was it and the comics were now all nice and organized, but that’s not what’s happening here. This mega-project is not the last one for the comics. But it’s another phase done. And I only had to make more work for myself down the line to finish it.


I wish that corner was this clean right now.

In order to fit all of the loose comics I had to take the graphic novels out of the group again. And even then I was short four racks. So I had to take a bunch of the anime and pro wrestling magazines I had there and put them in a drawer that I’m going to have to go through later and re-organize once I reopen the space after the reunification project (hopefully). So while this is all done, it means more work I’ll have to do later once I don’t need the space anymore. I also have a five-part miniseries to track down since I’m reviewing others in that grouping that I need to find in the next five weeks.

Granted, cutting the magazine collection down is part of a later agenda. I don’t follow professional wrestling these days and these are just reminders of when I enjoyed it. Some random issues may remain but I don’t plan to keep the bulk of it. As for the anime magazines…there may be individual issues I’ll be letting go of, but the shows I’m still interested in looking into that are featured I’ll keep. At least for now. Every now and then a collection needs reassessment and that’s something I’ve never done until The Clutter Reports was a project, made up of smaller projects (and in the case of this week mega-project) with the overall goal of spending at least one day a week trying to get things under control. The enormity of this project, and all of the sub-projects like this that make it up, isn’t lost on me, but I have the advantage of being stubborn and easily frustrated. It’s taken years, possibly because I only put a week towards this, which means revisits and illness (not counting last year) slow things down. However, the more space I create the more or the easier it is to find what I’m looking for means the closer I can see the goal, so I have to press on.

I can imagine it’s a lot worse for people in bigger messes. I’ve seen a few episodes of the show Hoarders where there are clutter messes that are downright dangerous! There’s no room to even live in, and some things are piled so high that they could fall on you. I heard a news story once about some who literally died because their pile fell on them or it was too much for the floor and they fell into the basement…I don’t want to be THAT emotionally attached to something. You really can’t take it with you, so I’ll settle for what I can enjoy while I’m here and not burden my loved ones with what to do with it later. Remember all that stuff when my mom and grandparents passed. We still haven’t gone through everything.

So I’m going to take some time to catch my breath (remember, I’m still recovering from major surgery and it’s frustrating four months out) so there won’t be a report this Sunday. After all, you had four bonus posts today. That’s inspirational enough, right? Then in March I’m going to review a few Transformers for possible expulsion because soon that’s going to be the only big project left and this isn’t a Transformers site. We’ll see you in two Sundays, folks. Keep clutter cleaning while I’m gone, okay? And there are still comic reviews over at BW Media Spotlight if you want to read my ramblings. There’s some cleaning going on there as well.