I could have sworn I had written about an earlier attempt to clean this shelf, but I can’t find it. I can’t even find pictures of it. Well I did, not that you can tell from the image above. It’s kind of a mess. There are things I’ve tossed up there just to get them out of my way for a moment and then they ended up there. So this week I decided to fix it up. Originally I was going to continue the RID 1 leaders by looking at the villains, but last week I was sick and this week I was drawn to this project.

I thought this was going to be a quick project report, because it didn’t take long to do. But then I redid it. Two times.


The first attempt did make it easier to reach a few things. However, it was still visually unappealing and you can’t see my Phaser very well. I also want to put the Sonic Screwdriver next to the Phaser. I was considering keeping the batter charger out of the box and leaving it in the open, but considering how little I use it (rechargeable batteries aren’t cheap) it seemed like a waste of time. So I tried again.


Much better. I can reach stuff and it doesn’t look as much like a mess. I can put the tablet and the cooling fan for the laptop up there and everything’s a okay. And then I told my dad about the records that are sitting up there, most of which belonged to my late mother. They’re a lot of old 45s with a few 33s. He wanted to go over them as finding the kind of music he grew up with is getting harder as stations abandon the older rock songs, a blow to our musical heritage since that’s what those stations were around for. Around here WDRC switched from 50s-80s to classic rock, calling itself “the whale” of all things. There’s a Music Choice channel and if he knew how to run Google Music there are stations there but he wants to make more use of the record player I bought for them for Christmas one year.

At any rate that meant going back in and pulling those two boxes down, leaving a bunch of new space I decided to take advantage of. Ergo, the final change.


I did later switch around the batter charger (hidden behind the Phaser) and the shoebox which contains some leftover LEGOs, because I know which I’ll still use more. (I don’t have much LEGO time these days.) Otherwise it looks like this now. One advantage is that I found a mechanical extending claw with flashlight I lost some time ago. So that was a happy reunion.

Some point soon I’m going to do this over again to add in a few other things I use a lot but want to get off of the floor, but I think that was enough for one day. It looks good and it’s functional. I’m satisfied with that for now. I have other things to do.