It’s time for the last of the leadership from the original Robots In Disguise Transformers line. (I didn’t get Sky-Byte because, fun as the character is, I hated the Transmetal II Cybershark figure from Beast Wars whose mold Car Robots used for his counterpart, Gelshark. Instead we’re looking at Gigatron, or rather his Hasbro incarnation, the third character to be called Megatron (the first outside of G1 continuity and no I don’t care what controversies are going on in the fandom–I read it and it doesn’t matter to this discussion so don’t bother!).

What separates this Megatron apart is that he has multiple modes. In addition to robot mode he has numerous modes added in, and because Hasbro used the later “Devil Gigatron” mold (saved time using the same mode for both Megatron and his suped-up “Galvatron” state) this figure can do those extra modes as well. Because apparently six modes wasn’t enough. While they were left out of the Megatron instructions a scan for the Galvatron instructions reveals the other modes and how to form them. So while I will spend time on the robot mode, I’m going to breeze through the alt modes or you’ll be here all day. I, however, WILL be here all day because I have to transform and photograph all those modes.

“I think I can beat Mike Tyson. I’m like 2 stories tall!”

Up above is the robot mode mode. I prefer these colors to the “Devil Gigatron/Galvatron” colors. This is a color scheme that says “evil robot”, while the “powered up” colors used the kind of white I expect on the heroes. This is more threatening, especially in his alternate modes. Articulation is in the shoulders, head, elbows, forearms, wrists, hips, and feet. However, because of the way he transformers getting his robot feet to work requires a lot of finagling to get him to stand. While messing with him for this review the right foot was the bigger offender. His wings can also be positioned to give him more emotional or make him more threatening.

“Someone tell Darth Maul I did it first!”

Additionally he comes with a pair of melee weapons. He can hold one in each hand but thanks to how the hands and weapons are designed he can combine them into a staff-like weapon. I wish there were more Transformers weapons designed like that. They can also be mounted in most if not all of his alt modes, sometimes serving a different function but occasionally they’re just…there. Like our first alt mode. Again, this is a speed run.

Gargoyle: The wings work, the head needs to stay in place to work with the mask, and the legs and feet are technically posable. It looks okay enough, but compared to the next mode it feels unnecessary. Although we’ll see a worse offender in that route.

Dragon: Who cares about a “gargoyle” when you can transform into a two-headed dragon! The little dragon arms are articulated. The legs and tail are also technically posable but their aren’t a lot of positions you can put them in to keep him standing. The dragon heads, which are only used in this mode like the mask is for the “gargoyle” have a lot more range of motion, mouths that open and close, and just look really dangerous and cool. Combined with the wings and it’s probably his best beast mode, if not his best alternate mode.

Jet: I think it’s transformed correctly. There are a few parts that fought me and I’m not sure where a couple others go for certain. Otherwise…it’s a jet. The wings work for the jet mode, and the melee weapons are not missile launchers…or if you don’t want to launch them just use them as laser cannons. It’s effective either way. I’d complain about the lack of thrusters but that could be mistransforming on my part.

Transport: Oh look, he thinks he’s a car. Yeah, this one is the first of the “we’re pushing it” modes, but it’s not the worst example of that. That’s coming up next. It’s kind of rolls. The wheels in the back aren’t working very well for me right now but the front wheels seems to be okay. Not that it matters because this one is kind of lame.

A bit misaligned. It wouldn’t help.

Claw: Seriously, Takara? A giant hand? Sure, the show tried to make it work and it was still stupid. This is the worst of the original modes, and probably the worst of all of them.

And then you get the “Galvatron” instructions for the other modes. I hope you’re not expecting much. I think all they did was add a few pegs or something but I’ve never seen the regular “Gigatron” mold in person.

Because I forgot to take a picture of it and it’s all packed away, here’s the Galvatron version from TFU.Info

Griffin: Um…yeah, sure, I kind of see it. At least it looks cool, but we did just see a giant hand (supposedly) so who knows what influence that has on me. Again, you have a two-headed dragon. How can you make this more redundant?

Flying Dragon: Well, I asked. Seriously, your other dragon is more menacing, has more articulation, and can already fly. What was the point of this mode? You’ve replaced two actual dragon heads with one cockpit pretending to be a dragon head. What was the point?

see claw mode caption

Elephant: In theory, a good addition. In practice…just look at the thing!

Boat: Now you’re not even trying.

Overall I like the toy, but in truth there are only a few decent modes. Most of them are weak to barely trying. However, the good modes do make up for the awful modes so I think I’ll hold on to it. That makes three good toys and one toy set for removal from my collection out of this box. However, there are plenty of other boxes to go through and I’ll be doing another of these relatively soon. I think I’m going to get some other projects done before the next one. I’m not even sure what I’ll go over next but there are plenty of Transformers and other transforming robot toys to go through.