So this is what I was going to do this week. The last time I worked on that corner of the closet I had fixed it up pretty well. It’s gotten slightly worse since then even though I don’t toss things back there like I used to. Still, it needed a revisit project…or so I thought. When I actually started I only had to worry about one thing. Not much of a project so I figured why not tackle a few minor projects that still needed a little time to devote to it. So that was this week’s projects.

One box. That’s all I had to move.

Could I have pulled more things out? Maybe but I still don’t know what to do. It looks better now. Basically it was another project that didn’t need to be done but looked like it so still technically needed to be done. Clutter’s side effects is visual, so if it looks like clutter it’s clutter. I wasn’t expecting a major project, but I wasn’t expecting anything this short. So I took on two other things that needed to be dealt with using little effort but more time that I’ve been able to spare them in the past.

I know I learned the alphabet better than this.

I’ve taken CDs out to listen to but not taken the time to put back in alphabetical order, especially my Christmas music CDs last Christmas. I actually decided to put the Christmas music separate from the rest so I can find them better next Christmas. The rest I finally put back where they belong.


Finally I tackled one of the big clutter magnets, the couch. Actually there wasn’t much to do there but around it. At one point as a kid I collected baseball-style caps. Not actually baseball teams since I was never into sports but caps with images of my favorite shows or mementos of trips. I had so many that my mom bought a rack that wasn’t designed for hats (I think it was pots or something) but had enough places to hang them. They don’t always stay on well (a project for another time) and after wearing them I don’t always put them back. So I organized those a bit and put the hats on the rack. I also hung up my Winter coat (I probably won’t be needing it since it’s Spring) and a sweatshirt/vest combo I probably could use since we’re still getting 50 degree weather here in Connecticut but the things weren’t staying on my coat rack and I wanted them off of the floor.

It’s not much and frankly I’ve had minor projects that had a bigger impact than this but at least I got something done this week. Until I can get my sleep cycle regulated I’ll take what I can get at this point.