I was trying to figure out what project I wanted to do this week, but it came rather late. And it came by necessity since I have a few comics I need to find from the Marvel and DC set for my daily comic reviews over at BW Media Spotlight. This project won’t start until Tuesday and with only four drawers and a few loose ones to go through, unlike the more massive work of the last phase, I expect to be done sooner than last time. But if I’m going to start looking for work I need to get this going.

Of course if I do find work, or if my Patreon for BW gets enough supporters I can focus on reviews, commentaries, and comics/videos, it’s going to be hard to find the time to get what I’m hoping will be the final phase going. That’s going to be a very long phase that I can’t break up. Every time I have tried to break up the big reset I never get back to it and the mess resumes. Having the money for better, drawer-style longboxes that I don’t have to pick up every time I want to look for one book would also be nice, but that’s a project I would need days for and I wouldn’t have a vacation to waste on it for a full year at least from when I’d start. If the Patreon gets supporters I would want to focus on getting content out fast and as high a quality as I can since right now I’m basically doing it for practice and because I enjoy it. At any rate that means taking the time to do the big reset would cut into more important projects.

But at least this phase will be done and I can prepare for the reset, which should be the final phase outside of my continuing purge of comics I don’t want anymore. And I still need to figure out what to do with those old comics. Most of them are from the 90s and there’s such a glut that comic stores don’t want them, and I don’t know about trying to sell a single issue or story arc on eBay. That might work but I need another option. I may just take the loss so I can get rid of them.

So why are these comics separate from the longboxes where I have my DC and Marvel books? There are a number of reasons. Some were already pulled out during a previous attempt to compact my collection. Others were pulled for review or other reason (I may have wanted an image or research something I wanted to make a comment on) and never put back, possibly because the daily reviews at BW that allow me to go through my collection and eliminate unwanted comics hadn’t been started yet, so I never went back into the box. They ended up in a shared plastic drawer thing that I was hoping to use to replace the aging longboxes, but that didn’t work out. They’re too heavy for the wheels when I pack enough in to make them a good replacement. I need to figure out what to do with those things if I manage to get my collection down enough to no longer need them. I’m sure there will be uses down the road.

I’ll try to get updates for the days I work on the organizing but with my sleep cycle still putting me to bed late and getting up late I’m still trying to keep up with everything else, so there may not be an update until next week. I do want to get this done and I may not have time for the articles here, but I’ll update you on the progress when I can. Time is still my biggest disaster right now.