First order of business: as of this writing I’ve started restructuring the “clutter for sale” page into a section. Currently I’ve moved the comics and toys to their own pages, and will be working to further clean things up and redo the main sale page to reflect it. I’m hoping to do that during the week.

Next up: So remember that record case my dad bought? Well, he moved all the records he had downstairs to the case, but there were more in the spare room closet, the room that is slowly becoming my multimedia studio. As we were pulling them out he saw all the other cases, most of which was more stuff my late mother had bought and forgot were up here (and at times so did I). My dad moved them elsewhere, where we will have to go over them someday. But now what do I do with that space?

I mean, I can’t let it go to waste. I’m trying to find places to store stuff and it’s a big closet space, bigger than the one in my bedroom, but only by a little bit. I left my old Atari 800 and NES boxes in there (the Styrofoam for the NES you may recall fell apart…possibly at the atomic level), plus my childhood books (which I still have on the off-chance God is still willing to give me a wife and kids), some of which I have a personal connection to. I’ll discuss that someday if I can pull them out, but that’s not even a quarter of the space in there. I have a few options.

  1. A “quiet room”: This would be good for the voiceover work I do on videos, a way to keep out the outside and downstairs noises. The problem is I would need some more padding to get rid of the echo. There are cheap ways to do that but I need to look them up. And I still wouldn’t be using potential storage space for storage.
  2. Extra spot for Transformers: This is the route I’m planning to take, but not that huge pile you usually see in the pictures–at least not yet. What I’m thinking is that when I’m done reviewing a box of Transformers I put it in that closet to separate them from all the ones I still have yet to review. I may have to marathon a box now and then just because it’s my largest collection next to the comics and they’re taking up the most space, which includes the ones I don’t enjoy and wouldn’t put on the revolving display once the clutter clearing allows me access to that.
  3. Extra spot for the comics: I’m considering this as well…although I shouldn’t need one with all the options I have. And yet I do. Like I said the Transformers are second only to the comics, but this would be for the small pile I want to get rid of. The problem is I still don’t know what to do with them. 80s and 90s comics, especially the 90s Marvels during the speculator bubble that ruined comics more than anything Fredrick Wertham ever did (sorry, I’m doing an article series over at BW Media Spotlight on his book), are so plentiful that comic stores really can’t use them, so I’m still trying to figure out how I can get rid of them when they can’t.

As I said, I’m going with option #2 until I’ve finished going over the Transformers and miscellaneous transforming robot toys. Then I’ll rebox everything and decide what to do next. Then I’ll have to figure out what to do with my closets again. Maybe next time I’ll go with option #1.