I dodged a time bullet on this project. A whole section of my Marvel comics went missing when I got to that section to review for my other site (as well as seeing what I want to keep), and I got concerned. I was going to finally do the final reunification of my comic collection even though I don’t have the time to do it properly. I want to go through some comics during the reorganizing that I’m thinking I don’t want anymore.

Then I just happened to see what happened to them. After the previous phase I put that bunch (with some others) off to the side and forgot they were there. So that little pile has been put back, since I’ve opened enough space to easily shift them into place. I also came across these.

I think was during the first Sam Rami-produced Spider-Man movie that they made special reprints of early issues of The Amazing Spider-Man as well as Spider-Man’s debut in Amazing Fantasy #15. I already have the latter but there are a lot of early issues I don’t have in either form. Since tossing out the newspapers in the morning was part of my job at the time I was able to get a few of these reprints. They’re an odd thing, only printing half of the comic (with a new cover for the second half), which means there are times I only have half of the issue. That’s fine when it features two stories but where there’s one full-length story I end up with either the beginning or the end missing. I also have a few multiples and I need to see what I can do with those. I don’t know if I can trade or how much they go for nowadays since they’re basically half-reprints, but it’s worth looking into.

So that’s a little more clutter taken care of and I can resume my Marvel reviews without any trouble. At least for now. At some point I still need to do that reintegration project but at least I can wait until I can do it right.