Brimstone (Transformers)

Brimstone (Transformers) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Transformers Cyberton’s story, four colony ships carrying the “Cyber Planet Keys”, each needed to unlock the power of Primus, had lost contact long before the war. Each planet represents a different culture. The Speed Planet (Velocitron) was fond of racing. The Giant Planet (Gigantion) is all about building. The Jungle Planet (Animatron according to the Transformers wiki but that’s the first I’ve heard it called that) took on beast forms and personalities. Another ship was headed for Earth in the pre-human days but ended up crashing.

Hailing from the Jungle Planet, Brimstone is one of Scourge’s lackeys. I don’t know how a robot on an alien planet turns into a pteranodon but that goes for all the beast modes resembling Earth animals. Brimstone and the rest of Scourge’s group would later join the Decepticon cause. Now you know his story, let’s look at his toy.

“What’s a ‘cracker’?”

As stated, Brimstone is a pteranodon, a long extinct dinosaur from a planet other than the one he landed on. One think you probably noticed is the only big problem I have. The yellow they went with is a bit strong. The other colors aren’t too bad though. Yes, including the purple part of his head. It doesn’t bother me. His eyes have pupils, he had some good technorganic molding that makes him look like a robotic attempt to replicate a pteranodon, and the translucent grey for the wings just looks nice. I’m not much into the grey of his lower beak though, but not a deal breaker. If I can deal with the yellow on his beak, feet, and the part on his back that makes his robot head stand out, its hardly an issue.

Trapped by a mini doll stand.

And with beast modes should come extra articulation. (Nobody expects an articulated car…except maybe working doors or something.) The beak opens, the talons are posable, the legs move for grabbing enemy poses, although the left leg is a bit weak on mine, and the wings are able to flap, moving independently of each other. This does expose two other problems. The legs look a bit long, which is necessary for robot mode and you can move them away well enough to ignore, and the left leg is just hanging on the bottom, which doesn’t work as well because it should mess with his aerodynamics and just looks like a leg lying flat against him. At least the foot pegs into the lower part of the body so it isn’t going to flop around, but in certain poses, especially flight poses, it doesn’t look good. The head turns, but not left and right. It more spins sideways, which makes for a few decent expressions. The neck has a couple of indents to hold the neck in a desired position when looking up and down. I like a beast with expressional range.

(I know, expressional is not a word according to my spell check. I repeat myself too much as it is.)

“Someone get this key out of my butt!”

Then there’s the Cyber Key gimmick, and this works better on Brimstone than it does on the last Cybertron figure I reviewed, Hardtop. This activates weapons that are part of his body rather than turning his gun into another gun. However, it’s the positioning of the blades that disappoints. I would have rather they be positioned so he could slash you as he swoops by. Here they look more like they’re for stabbing, which is difficult considering his beak would stab you before the blades could ever reach you.

The transformation is rather easy and smooth if you find a good enough pattern. One note is that because his beast head forms his right leg the beak forms the foot, so you have to open the jaw, turn the beak around, and then close the jaw.

Officially the wings are supposed to be posed straight up, but it blocks his side view.

Robot mode does look good, outside of the wingspan, but you can play with that. His right leg is still obviously his beast head but it doesn’t stand out as badly as it could have. The talons make for good robot hands. You can’t see his mouth very well, and I don’t just mean in the photo, but it’s painted silver, which you can see if you shine a flashlight on it. I actually don’t mind this, as the eyes alone make him look scary, like a Decepticon beast should.

Besides, I like using the wings to show emotion on avian beast Transformers.

Articulation is really good, although the left leg and hand are a bit looser. This is worse on the leg–at least on my figure. I don’t know if this was a running problem, but the right leg is probably saved by the neck articulation of the beast mode. The robot head turns left and right, but not up and down. The talons open and close, but the “thumb” that forms the heel of the beast mode talons is independent of the two stuck-together front talons and can end up in a position that’s in the way, so you have to keep an eye on it. But he can hold his Cyber Key in his hand, which is rare for this line. So how does the Key gimmick look in this mode?

“Anyone want a hug?”

It’s an improvement. I can see these being more useful in close quarters robot-to-robot combat than I can see it usable in beast mode. I’m just noticing that the wing blade mesh well with the wing tips, hiding his blades until they’re activated. Another thing you haven’t been able to see is the lone Decepticon symbol on his right wing that I forgot he had.

Decision: Stays

Yes, the yellow is a bit glaring but otherwise I do like the mold. And he’s fun to fiddle with. Besides, he’s been around my little studio Christmas tree the past few years and I think he’s starting to like Christmas. 🙂 We have one more figure from the Cybertron line for the next Transformers report, but I’m getting some teeth pulled on Monday (some broken wisdom teeth and one damaged tooth that can’t be saved) so I don’t know if I’ll get a clutter project done while scrambling to catch up with lost productivity days. We’ll see what happens. I hope to have something, even if I have to borrow from the other site again.