Megatron races Override

Megatron races Override (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s time for the last of loose ones that were in this pile, and just in time to set up my Transformers for the annual Christmas display. This one also comes from the Transformers Cybertron line.

Velocitron, the Speed Planet, is a culture that revolves around racing. Even the monster truck is built for speed. They love to race around all day, and the leader is chose by who wins the race. It also feels like all the Autobots have that annoying gimmick that Hardtop had, where the key unlocks a weapon that’s part of something they carry, but it’s worse because without the Cyber Key in use it’s just some box they’re carrying or some other bonus part rather than popping a new weapon out of their structure like the Decepticons. Except for Hot Shot but his Cyber Key power is just two fins that help with aerodynamics or something. Of all the Cyber Key gimmicks the Speed Planet Autobots have the weakest.

And that holds true for Brakedown, the wise old racer who trains the excitable young Clocker and first befriends the Autobot envoy. His toy is…kind of mixed. I’ve kind of gone back and forth whether or not I want to keep this one but I have come to a decision. First we need to give him a proper examination.

I just need to say that the last thing a racer wants to do is break down, meaning you have to think he got picked on a lot for his name.

In vehicle mode Brakedown is a Cybertronian/Velocitron dragster. And he looks really darn cool. The browns and golds meld well together, the translucent wheels and cockpit look okay, and the greys meld in nicely. He does have a little problem rolling or at least right now his right back wheel doesn’t want to move. He has smaller caster wheels hidden under his bumper in case you’re wondering why he only has two wheels. I do like the design and color scheme.

Now here’s something apparently only I’m dealing with. I can’t find his official Cyber Key, or at least none of the Speed Planet keys match up to the number I read online. It shouldn’t matter since you technically don’t even need the right planet mold, never mind the same robot’s key, in order to activate the gimmick. And yet the slot on the piece that activates the gimmick is blocked by the cockpit and doesn’t accept any keys anyway. Instead I can simply flip the weapon into place manually, but I’ve seen no reporting of this happening to anyone else.

“Out of my way before I stab your ankles!”

And that weapon is a blade sticking out of the front of his (I assume) engine. Unless you’re going to puncture the tires of the car in front of you I’m not sure how much use it is. So let’s get him into robot mode.

I don’t have a good shot of his face but he doesn’t look that old.

Color-wise there is no change outside of some more Brownish-Goldish coloring on his legs and black feet and those things on his legs that his robot arms hook onto in vehicle mode to keep his arms in place. So they didn’t mess with a good look at least. And correction because that looks like his engine on his chest, which would be on his back end in vehicle mode.

“I wish I had real elbows”

Yeah, why doesn’t Brakedown have actual elbows? Instead the lower arms pretend like they have elbows. Instead it looks like the lower part of his lower arms move and it looks weird. Otherwise he has decent articulation for his size class at the time. The shoulders can go all the way around and have limited in and out movement. His head turns left and right. He has a working waist and knees, but not his feet. The posing is limited but not in a dealbreaking manner.

“Arrested for speeding? On the SPEED PLANET?”

The…well, I guess I’m back to not knowing what it is, can’t be left in it’s usual vehicle spot on the front end of the car since it would block the bumper from going into place. However it can still plug in backwards on the same plug, which I don’t recall being in the instructions. So at least he doesn’t have to hold onto it with you worrying that you’ll lose it. And now you can access the Cyber Key slot that doesn’t accept a Cyber Key.

That’s not how a gunblade works. I think. Final Fantasy fans?

This is an engineering mistake. The thing has a blade but he holds it like a gun. There is no gun barrel that I can identify. So he can’t do any cool sword-wielding poses and even if he could you can’t have him hold the sword right. It’s a shame.

Decision: Stays

Brakedown has weird elbows, although they are fully functional but at the wrong part of the arm thanks to his large shoulder wheels. His Cyber Key gimmick is unimpressive and at least my version not only doesn’t need a Key it can’t take it anyway. But there are still things I like about him and he has more racers to teach so I’ll keep him around. So he won’t be missing Christmas with his buddies.