I want to start 2018 in a better state than I left 2017 in many aspects of my life. I want to be able to focus on finding a job, working on projects, and getting things organized. There is one big project I need to get done before I can proceed before it becomes a Damocles Sword. That’s the comic organizing mega project. Not counting the stuff I’ve already put aside to get rid of I have numerous sets with their own personal order, but I want to put the whole collection in one order, to better find everything.

So I’m taking time this year, in-between trying to complete a (late) Christmas comic for my other site, I’m doing this huge phase. It’s not the last phase as I had hoped. Thinking about it I may want to create what I hope is a definite grouping of certain comics once I’m done clearing out what I don’t want, plus as I clear comics out I’ll be resorting again. However, I will have a better order afterwards than I do now once this phase is completed. There will be minor phases but this is the big one. And we start tomorrow. Like previous phases, I’ll have daily reports to get me to put time on this while also working on the aforementioned other site (where I’m reducing my workload) and the comic for it. This should get rid of all my distractions so I can focus on creating a work schedule that will help me hopefully find work while working on my other projects. It’s the right time to do it, so see you tomorrow for day one.