Last year I had a bunch of medical issues, including two surgeries. I haven’t done a lot of heavy lifting since my insides were reconnected. And boy am I feeling the results now! I am so sore. Today I remembered to put on my back brace, but my arms hurt and I think my foot even paid for it. The results, however, are worth it.

Today I went through my “D”s. I finished my DC Universe…and forgot the alternate universes. I actually ended up re-sorting TWICE because I forgot comics were in other spots. That should tell how bad it is to have the comics scattered to the four winds of my attic living space. Also my Doctor Who comics were really out of proper order, so I had to take time to get that taken care of.

I also had to clear out a box just to put all the remaining Ds into it, which means I’m not even sure the Marvels will be in a longbox when this is done. I did get through three comics, bringing my total to five of the nine longboxes I have available to me. I’m going to need the drawers and magazine stands I’ve been using until I clear out more comics (and I did come across a few comics I already knew I wanted to pull today, so that was helpful). However, I think tomorrow I’m not going to be lifting any boxes. I’m hoping to still sort, but I am still sore.

One problem this has caused is that my moving the longboxes back to the longer closet is that I currently have no place to put the stuff that was in the closet, leading to extra clutter in my bedroom until I can move these remaining boxes out of the studio closet, which I probably won’t be doing tomorrow. I need to pace myself so I may end up getting less done tomorrow. On the plus side I’m closer to getting this done, but it is going to take longer than a week to properly complete this phase. However, once the longbox portion is done I’m going to move this to a weekly project if only to give myself a bit of a rest and get other projects done (like finding a job). But I need this closet cleared out so I can move other boxes there, which should result in less clutter in the bedroom, even though there’s more right now. What I really need is someone to carry these boxes for me. And a good masseuse.