It was time to break out the table again. Today was all about sorting comics. That was the plan…but the plan didn’t require me to hate myself for what I’ve done to myself! As I’ll get into I had to seal with one section of comics totally out of order and having to be sorted more than I thought, and other titles and letters I thought I was done with! It was a huge exercise in frustration and I only have my past self to blame! But I got through it and that’s what matters!

This box I had long ago set aside for my Robotech comics, but at some point I had to put a bunch of other ones to reclaim space. I knew this going in. It’s what I didn’t know that came back to haunt me!

Comic I had already gone over were also in this box! I had just finished (or so I thought) organizing my Marvel comics and fitting what I could into the box. This was already a pain because I found that was out of order and I’m not sure this section of Marvels is right with the other one so I may be doing that again for all I know. And then I come into this box, thinking it was just Robotech and Sonic The Hedgehog comics…and then I see Buck Rogers, a Lil’ Archies comic, DC alternate universe titles, and more Marvels, both main universe and spin-off lines! I’m not sure I’m getting through how pissed off I was (pardon my language) at how this went! I sorted a whole pile of comics, found more of that group after I thought it was finally done, and more titles I had already sorted! If it wasn’t for a friend of mine calling, thus forcing me to calm down and later take a brief nap…more like lying down for a half-hour…I would have raged myself into some kind of damage I’m sure. Rage can do bad things to your insides without you doing anything else to yourself, and I’m still shaking off last year’s surgery. (I’m not supposed to be doing ab crunches, which isn’t easy when you’re carrying large boxes of heavy comics.)

Luckily the Robotech comics were in the right order, so that wasn’t a problem. So I spent the rest of the day sorting the comics I had around me. Tomorrow I plan to do more sorting, and then I’m backing off of this project and doing it on a weekly basis. The last part should be easy…but THIS part was supposed to be easy! This is where my stubbornness is coming into play but after this last bit of heavy sorting combining the remaining groups of comics together into one order should be a breeze…at least until I get to the graphic novels, and I still have to do some “micro-sorting” to get those surprise comics into their proper spots. Maybe I’m just worried that if I stop in rage mode I’m not going to want to return to this and that means it won’t get done. And that’s how I got into today’s mess and this whole project’s problem in the first place!