There really isn’t much to report on today’s work. I sorted my Sonic The Hedgehog comics, and found there’s a few missing somewhere because of course there is. I found a couple of series I want to get rid of, but one of them needs to be reviewed on my other site first for completeness sake. I marked myself one week to complete this project, and I didn’t. There is still more sorting and organizing to do before my comics are in a proper order. That doesn’t mean I failed, though.

On the plus side, devoting time to this project paid off, even if it cost me time on other projects. Most of the “heavy lifting” (figuratively…not necessarily literally) is done. Half of my collection is organized, most of the longboxes are back in the bedroom closet while I have the studio closet to put stuff in, and I have the clutter back off of the floor. However, I’m not done. There is still more sorting, followed by figuring out where to put it all as I continue to go through and see what I want to clear out.

I think, though, that I am comfortable dialing back a bit, getting work done on other projects while doing the comic work on a weekly basis, maybe doing a little bit when I have some free time but just saving the project work for Saturday as usual. There is more chipping away but if I didn’t do all of this work it would have taken a lot longer to get where I am, and with the amount of comics I have this project would take over for months. I have more clutter to deal with than the comics, so by taking this week to focus on this, the rest is a lot more manageable so I can do everything I need to be doing. So based on that this week was very successful. There won’t be a posting tomorrow, and I’ll keep you up to date week by week, but I’m hoping this won’t take more than a week or two, sooner if I can find extra time to focus on this one project. But this will be done so I can move on to other messes. I’ll keep you posted.