I needed a few days break before I resumed the project on Thursday. But I got quite a bit done in three days, and now I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Once I’m done with this I have to organize my records, then I can put the table away and have room to take down my Christmas decorations. So I want to get through this as fast as my body can go through. Here’s a breakdown of what I’ve accomplished this week.

  • Thursday: I went through and sorted all the titles up through the letter “R”.
  • Friday: I began sorting the letter “S” titles, the bulk of the work going to get my Star Trek comics organized between the two time periods of the classic series. (I don’t have anything based on the J.J. Abrams movie timeline or wherever Discovery is supposed to take place because it doesn’t interest me.)
  • Saturday: I finished sorting the “S” comics and put them in drawers so they’ll be out of the way as I wait to finish the alphabet. I’ll be going through “T” and beyond.

During these few days I found some more comics I want to pull from the collection that I’ve already reviewed for BW Media Spotlight, my main site of storytelling critique. When this is all done I’m going to figure out how best to sell these old comics I don’t want anymore, either because I don’t enjoy them or in a few cases because I ended up with multiples. I’ll post them to the Clutter For Sale page but that only helps if any of the Clutter Report readers want them. I need a better alternative and there are a few. Ebay really doesn’t work for single issues unless it’s a special issue, but there are other ways and I’ll explore them all when the time comes. Right now I’m focused on getting the integration done so I can find the stuff I’m currently reviewing.

However, I did complete my main concern, freeing up the comics I’m currently reviewing over at BW. I do a different title or section each day for variety but for the past two weeks I haven’t been able to review anything because those sections needed sorting. Those are now done since I’m not currently looking at anything from “T” onward, which is where I’m starting from next time.

But the project is almost done. Hopefully by this time next week I’ll have the comics all integrated (except for most of the graphic novels; I still have to make room for those) and I can move on to other projects. I’ll continue going through the old comics and expelling what no longer or never interested me but this is about dealing with the heavy lifting. A lot of the projects I do on this site are things that I’ve ignored due to time and/or illness and I’m happy to be getting them done. I’ll have more to report next week, and with luck it will be the end of this phase of the project.