There’s nothing more satisfying than a completed project, especially a big one that needed four weeks to complete. But complete it is. I wanted to sort my comics so they flow in a better order to properly go through them all, and I succeeded. I ended up finishing before the week was out so I took on some smaller project that I could only do once the comic re-integration project was complete. Let me take you on a short journey through my week and all I accomplished.

Monday: Completing the Ts and collecting the last comics I needed to organize.

Tuesday: The last bit of comics, from U-Z, were organized and integrated. I couldn’t get rid of some of the extra places I was putting the comics, but at least now they’re in an order that will make it easier to find the comic I want during my going over, and I was able to find a number of comics I already know I want to get rid of.

Wednesday: I finally got the table out of the studio, which my dad used to organize his record collection. My parents gathered a big music library between the two of them. I mostly straightened up the studio and bedroom now that I knew what my space was.

Thursday: Dentist. No work done, but I had a couple of cavities filled. Will need a few more trips before they’re all done. 😦

Friday: With the longboxes moved to my longer closet I used the deeper closet to put my Transformers in. I’ve had them organized by various factors but I want to go over them as well. Plus I can take those big stacks out of the corner of my bedroom, allowing me to access the books and other things in that space. The end result:

The picture I took of the Transformers in the closet got messed up, but you still see a much cleaner space than when I got started. Thus were my goals met and I can resume going through my collection, doing reviews and culling the oversized stuff. There are some minor errors I’ll fix the next time after I’ve made more space and have to reorganize the collection, but this time I’ll be moving comics around in proper order and freeing up space. It won’t take the multiple sorting I had to do with this project. Then once I’ve had time to sell or give away stuff I’ll have only the comics and transforming robots I still enjoy. Speaking of Transformers I’m going to take a project break and review a few more to see if I can clear out another box.