English: A Twitter tweet

English: A Twitter tweet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week I have a friend coming over so I didn’t have time for a big project. However, I did have time for a couple small ones. First I went to Twitter. I have two Twitter accounts. (Long story.) I decided to keep one for websites and other project promotion and one to discuss personal pursuits and interests (writing and comics stuff mostly). The problem is I was following most of the same accounts on both feeds and that meant my newsfeed was way too long to keep up with. So I adjusted things. The website account follows news and reviews plus blogs and some friends I’ve made solely through BW Media Spotlight while the other site follows local feeds, news, and comic creation, plus some of my friends. There is still a little overlap but otherwise they should be easier to keep up with.

The other was my Amazon wishlist. It’s grown pretty large with media, audio and video equipment, other things that interest me, and at some point I want to add art supplies. So I reorganized the list into smaller lists to keep track of what I want and need as I continue to make room up here and work on projects. Things are a bit more streamlined now and I might need less once I pick some of this stuff up…as soon as I have room to put it and money to afford it anyway. Not a lot of clutter work today but it needed to be done. Now I’m just waiting for my friend to show up. Hopefully a larger project to report on next week.