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English: email envelope (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week I was able to do two projects at once…and not get as far as I’d like at either. I wanted to fix some issues with my computer caused by some bad Windows updates but I didn’t know what to delete so I don’t know what to do there. So after stewing over that longer than I should have I started going through my emails. I have two email boxes with emails going back to 2012 and possibly sooner, and there’s just a huge build-up. And I have a number of shows and movies on my DVR and I wanted to get through some of them. So how does one do both?


During the commercial breaks of the shows I was watching (which was also when I tried working on the update issue) I could look over my emails. Some links no longer work or are part of newsletters I’m no longer interested in. I was able to do a search and try to eliminate all of them immediately so I could reduce the line fast. One service changed newsletter hosts and there were too many to just take out the ones I couldn’t use anymore because my client does let me stay old to new when I do a search. Every time I open a letter it goes back to new to old. And there are so many I can’t easily take out a bunch that I know are no longer usable without taking too long or losing the ones that work with the new newsletter host. That’s rather annoying.

On the other hand I got to read a bunch of interesting old articles, some I use for my other website and some just for fun. Anything I didn’t want to lose gets starred or archived so I don’t delete them with the rest. I still have a whole lot of emails to go through and I plan to go through some more before bedtime. I wish I had just started with this gameplan. I might be further down the list.

Home Movies

I actually don’t like this show. I hear it has a strong following but I don’t get it. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Meanwhile I got to clear some space on my DVR box. I had the last few episodes of The Orville to watch, which I did, and there are some movies I still need to watch. Some I want to write articles about and a few I want to watch for fun. I just need to make the time to watch them before the box gets full. It’s also one of those whole house DVRs which means I can watch on any TV but it also means my dad’s movies are there too and I need to not delete those. He’ll watch them when he has a chance but a few he wants to keep on there to watch again when there’s nothing else on. I hope to have space enough to record our shows and still have movies when we want to see them, but I also know how to use the internet and have a big home video library I also need to go through and cut down. While not as bad as my comic collection there are still a lot to go through.

So not a huge update but at least it’s a project that needs to be done. If I could go over a month of old emails each day I might get caught up. But if I could do that there wouldn’t be such a back-up, would there?