This is another of those projects I keep coming back to, trying to find the optimal arrangement for maximum efficiency. Which makes me sound more businesslike than I am. This time I pulled everything out of every drawer, cabinet, and cubby hole on my computer desk and found better places for everything from square one. While a couple of things went back to when I had them anyway, I did alter the arrangement there and everywhere else. So the end result was worth it.

I did take stuff out of the drawer once I had more room.

I needed the table for this one. Like I said, I took everything out of the cubby holes, drawers, and cabinet, and most of what was on the shelves and the rest of the desk. What this boils down to are a group of interconnected smaller project that was just easier to do all at once since I had to do one project before doing the others and some needed to be done at the same time.

What I had to figure out is what I needed most where. The desk caddies were still better off where they were but I had to reorganize that and get rid of a few papers. Some were tossed out and others moved to a better location. I had to figure what I needed at hand here, what I needed in my art corner, what I needed elsewhere, and what I didn’t need at all.

The computer group.

The way the drawer and cubby holes were organized I couldn’t get to every disk, CD, and peripheral I wanted to. The drawer was worse in that I couldn’t get to most of anything with all the stuff in it. So I started by grouping things. Batteries, computer gear, office supplies, various tools…all were put into groupings. From there I figured out the best way to put these groups together in the storage spaces I have on my desk so I could more easily find what I’m looking for without digging through the drawer or pushing stuff around the desk.

Stuff I had the cubby hole on the side cart were better placed in the drawer and vice versa. Now things won’t roll around when I’m just sitting there and accidentally bump the cart or move it to get it out the way to get something through the studio door. Like the table, come to think of it. The space underneath the monitor was set up for my disks with all my fonts and clip art and what not. The cubby hole now has my peripherals, like the headphones and gamepad. It’s now easier to get to whatever it is I need to perform a certain task. It’s less of a mess and I can find stuff.

There are still a few papers to go through but now things are arranged so I’m not digging for a screwdriver or having to spin the desk caddy around a few times (if it doesn’t keep bumping into things) to find something. This will make it easier to work or get some other task done. I’m not the most efficient person in the world, but I’m getting better at it.