When I re-installed Windows into my computer it left a huge archive of files from my old computer as “windows.old”. It takes up a lot of space so I decided to knock a bit of that out this week. Yes, more virtual clutter, but it’s been a hot, humid week here in Connecticut and working in my attic was not something I was really willing to do. It kind of affected my whole week, including another project I’m working on and ended up getting nothing done on.

I’d like to reach out to the more computer savvy out there and ask a question: can I safely remove anything from .old archives without negatively affecting my computer? Seriously, I could see if it was just documents, pictures, videos, and even fonts. But I’m seeing full folders for programs I’d have to reinstall in there. It’s not like they work either since various registry info and whatever aren’t present. But is it okay to delete folders or are they intended to be copy/pasted into somewhere? Because it’s been so long since I re-installed that I don’t need those programs or otherwise can’t use them because I can’t fully install them. What exactly are .old archives and what’s safe to delete? I can think of a few things. This project was about going through internet links that are dead, various image and video files, and other things I’m relatively sure is okay to delete. But I would love some advice before proceeding further.