I wish I had something to report this week. I did do a bit more with the emails and the next few declutter projects will be virtual clutter cleaning as I have some organizational issues to work out with computer stuff. But it seems I spent most of this summer trying to get myself to work. Whether it was the heat and humdity, dentist (namely a dental group that frankly I’m not too happy with and am now seeking alternatives), or other things (even dealing with my uncle passing away) pulling me out of the studio and cleaning area I feel like I haven’t accomplished much on any of my projects. I think I got one video project done, with another half-finished and yet another I have to do for a different uncle. Maybe I just needed a day to goof off and start over.

It’s August now and while Summer isn’t over hopefully it won’t be too bad. This week I have no dentist or doctor appointments, no shopping, nowhere to go, and hopefully the weather will cooperate. If I can finally start to get myself into a working rhythm (including finding a paid job of some kind or adding to the “clutter for sale” page) maybe I can start accomplishing stuff. I will be working on computer clutter for a while but while it may not take much physical effort it does take time and that seems to be what I’m fighting to get lately. Hope to have something good next week.