If you’ve read enough of this site you know I’m a toy collector, or was when I had money coming in. I never saved the boxes but when there were bio cards on the back (for many of you former kids out there think GI Joe or Transformers) I did save the backs. Or if that’s where the instructions were I’d save that. This doesn’t seem like as good an idea as before. Now they’re just taking up space. In fact here’s the box they’re taking up, along with collected trades of Transformers comic stories from the UK and a couple of UK Transformers comic magazines I’ve managed to acquire. While looking through this box out of boredom I came across a few things that made want to dig through. I’ll get to what later. Let’s just look at the pile.

There’s a lot of different stuff here. Some of the UK mags got mixed in with this junk. There are card backs, bios, logos…all stuff I thought I would use for display purposes or other things, and I still might. But for the stuff I won’t I needed to do some cleaning. That put my virtual clutter plans on hold for this week.

I don’t need the full Ninja Turtle cardbacks, although they do list which Turtle from the 2000s line get which bonus gear. I can look that up online. (Speaking of which if I can find that bonus gear I need to do an updated review of those toys.) So I just took off the character bios…although I seem to be missing one at the moment. During my digging I found instructions for a few toys, including the Mega Man: NT Warrior figures, which you can get over on my Clutter For Sale page. I need to see if those prices are still valid, but I just added I have the instructions for all three toys, so that was a nice find. But what led to this expedition?

This is just one sorted pile of Transformers backs I came across, but it’s the stack in the middle there that’s important. I found backings for some of the knockoffs I’ve reviewed and one I have yet to review. But it did tell me one figure I’ve reviewed came from Wal-Mart’s “Galaxy Defender” line because the back I found came from another toy in the line. I also found backs for the Quick Change Animal Robot and Tool Robot I recently reviewed and I wish I knew I still had those because they would have made better introduction photos since I actually owned those. I wonder how many more of these are hiding around my junk?

As far as the Transformers backs, they came after Hasbro dropped the “tech spec” bio card and just covered the package for various reasons. Someday I want to create my own tech specs of the figures I own but for now they’re back in the box.

This was less about cleaning as it was finding out what I had. I think I messed up the sorting getting them back in, but I did lighten my load slightly. I plan to come back to this in the future when I find more of these things. They’ll all go here or in some other place, but I’ll probably end up getting rid of the backs if I sell the toys (I doubt the backs themselves are worth much) or when I create my own tech specs, better collecting the data to put in my photo albums if I can find them. So I know where they are, I just need to find the rest of them. Still not as bad as my comic collection was, though.