I have my main computer back and running thanks to my friend, so I can write articles and edit pictures again. I was hoping to have a project┬átoday to celebrate but I had some software issues I had to wrangle first. That’s done so next week the virtual cleaning can resume.

The problem is most of the stuff I wanted to do during my downtime didn’t get done because the computer wasn’t available to do it. I can’t take more time off so sucks to be me I guess. I’m still going to have to find a way to do that and keep up content. So this whole break I took from the other site was entirely pointless! No, I’m not happy about it. But at least I can get back to work (and finding work that actually pays me so I have money coming in again) so I’ll take the victories I can.

So I guess we’re back in action, unless something else goes wrong and there’s certainly precedence for that.