Some time ago I went and organized the drawer I keep various cords and other things for my computer or TV/VCR setups. (Twice as you can see from the links.) Over time it got a bit disorganized (as things do), but it was because I was trying to find something specific and had to dig around to find it. This week I decided to try to get it back in shape. Plus I wanted to get rid of that box you see in the corner since it’s hard to go through as well. Baggies were the answer to my problem. (It’s usually baggies or cardboard with me, isn’t it?)

So here’s what the drawer became since my last visit. Trying to find what I want in this mess is not what you’d call easy. If there’s a particular cord or cable I want it’s kind of buried in ones I don’t need at the moment. There’s no real organization. If I want to find an audio cable I need to go through all the video cables to find it.

This is one pile of cables. Instead of breaking out the big table I usually use I used the TV tray, a second beat-up tray I use for stuff, and the table in my art corner I had to move to get to the drawer in the first place, plus my computer desk. It was enough for my needs. I sorted the cables between audio and various types of video cable. This would allow me to put the cables I want in one bag, and will only have to look through bags to find the right type of cable.

For example this one has all the RCA audio/video cables. Another is just for audio connections, one for those cables where you have to screw them in place, one for HDMI, one for power cables, and one for those really old ones that you attached with a screw to like an antenna or something. You never know. It might be used for some retro project or I might sell them if I find out they’re worth money to someone who does things with older TVs and needs something besides RCA or RF Modular cables. We’ll have to see in the future. Odds are I might get rid of them but if someone can use them why throw them out?

There are other things in the drawer that I also put into their own bag, like phone line cables, various computer cables, and the modems I don’t use but are still good. At least one modem I may use again someday because it’s a good one I bought (the ones used by my old internet provider/cable TV company were cheap junk but I need to see what to do with those). There’s also a few other things from the original project still in there. But now it should be easier to find what I want. At some point I want to go back and actually label the bags though. Still, it’s less of a mess now and easier to find whatever particular cord I want. That counts for something.