This week’s project is dusting and that’s hardly interesting. However, I did so something with my dad last week while filing the book report. We used to have parties and people coming over. We weren’t party central or anything but we did celebrated birthdays and some other holidays. If not here, then we went other places and some of this week’s clutter would be used for that. Or would have been if most of what was up there was anything we used.

You know how you get plates as presents for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas that you don’t use? We had a big collection of that. Some plates were also bought thinking we’d use them and maybe we did for some gathering but there were more plates than three people, sadly now two, would ever dirty even on Thanksgiving. So last week we decided it was time to start making room in the cabinets.

The pictures I’m showing only come from the top shelf of three shelves plus a small cabinet over the sink. And we found a lot of stuff we don’t use, even we ever used them. Gelatin molds, a gravy boat, and I think that’s a coffee maker on the right edge there (I don’t drink coffee but my parents usually had a different coffee maker). And of course we have a lot of bowls and plates. So many bowls and plates. A lot of them are just regular plates, some for snacks, bowl for cereal or ice cream (which, yes, is technically a snack), salad bowls, dinner plates, lunch plates, the usual. It’s good to have extras if one breaks or you do have extra company, but we have far too many. I’m not even sure what those bowls on the left are for.

Then you have some really old ones like these with a nice pattern. This is just one example, a cup and saucer set with some snack plates. These might actually be worth something, and we’re going to look more into that. There are also sets or mugs that have sentimental value. They may be cheap gift shop mugs to you but for us they represent someplace we went, and with my mom gone those extra memories have more meaning. Everything else though is going to be donated when we get the chance.

A lot more organized, right? And that’s just two shelves. The bottom shelf and the small cabinet over the sink are more organized and it actually looks a bit empty now. When we have a chance to do the remaining cabinets we’ll further organize everything. The hope is that we can take some stuff from elsewhere and put them in the cabinets, thus making them easier to find and get to. But first we have to get rid of the clutter we have now, possibly by taking them to Goodwill. I’m not sure when that will be and when we’ll finish this up (possibly after the holidays) but maybe these items will find a home where they can be of more use than they are collecting dust on a top shelf we need a stepladder to get to.